Fire Alarm System - Solutions

Fire Alarm System - Solutions

Fire Alarm System - Solutions

At H AnD S Safety Solutions, we care about your safety. With more years of experience in fire alarm systems, we provide you with intelligent products and solutions, designed to give you the confidence that your lives will not only be protected against fire, but also quickly and effectively saved.

Fire alarms and detection systems

The alarm is an important part of the fight against fires. This process involves sound or light or both being triggered upon detection of smoke or ignition.

The role of fire alarm systems has become very crucial with the inclusion of advanced technologies and sophisticated tools in the business settings. Human monitoring is not possible around the clock and sometimes hidden or deep inflammation cannot be detected in time, causing the fire to spread.

Ceasefire's fire detection range is the result of extensive design and development of hardware and software products. Our strict standards extend to all of our product lines.

All products are extensively tested in the world's largest state-of-the-art fire testing laboratory to ensure that even larger scale designs are fully proven under real fire conditions.

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